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You can place your order with the help of Mastercard and Visa Card.If You Don’t have a valid Credit Card you can place your order with the help of  Whatsapp through Bank,Easypasa & Jazzcash and place your order now.

Your order will be deliver on your email address

The order will be Deliver within 24 hours as soon as possible.

Yes you are!
we provide 7 days full guarantee and replacement/money back for un working accounts.

We have lots of Premium Accounts For Sale, so, when you buy premium account from us, you can be sure that your payment will be secure. We offer lifetime offers and lifetime deal so that you can always enjoy our products at a discounted price. 

Additionally, our premium accounts offer the best user experience available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the best music experience possible!

For support and assistance please contact us at:
– or you can contact us at our Whatsapp

  1. Log in to the site or app you want to redeem from.
  2. Go to the redeem gift card option.
  3. Put in the gift card code in the appropriate field. 
  4. Fill in the total cost of the items you want to purchase.
  5. Choose the redeem option.

I have clicked the wrong payment method during checkout, am I able to cancel or change the payment method?

Once you have realized that you selected the wrong payment option, kindly follow three ways below to change the method: 

(a) You can click on the Back button on your tab and return to the payment selection page. 

(b) If it’s on a pop-up page payment, kindly close the popup page and select the payment method that you want. 

(c) You may back to your LEOSTORE Profile, to “My Orders“, then click on the red button “Pay Now” beside the latest order placement and select payment method. 

Rest assured your money won’t be deducted since you have not successfully completed the transaction.

Kindly contact our LiveChat customer support Whatsapp immediately and provide your payment order number for checking on the order’s latest status. Kindly allow a few minutes time for our team to proceed with checking and get back to you soon as possible. If the order was confirmed as not yet being processed, we are able to proceed with a refund on available refund options, however, if the order was confirmed to be completed, therefore, no refund, cancellation nor exchange is allowed. For more information, you may refer to our disclaimers under “Terms of Sale” in LEOSTORE Terms and Conditions

Kindly directly contact our Customer Service Team 24/7 via LiveChat Whatsapp. Our team will provide a form to fill up and submit for checking. We will get back to you as soon as the issue is solved via email registered in LEOSTORE. 

I had purchased a gift card from LEOSTORE and during redemption, an error showed “Code entered is not valid/ Invalid card code/Wrong pin code”. What should I do? 

Regarding this error, kindly try to enter the code manually, and make sure that there are no “spaces” left front and back of the card serial number and pins when you’re coping. For your information, [Card No.] referred to the serial number, and [Pin] referred to the gift card pin code. Please do make sure that you have entered the right numbers during redemption. If the problem persists, kindly contact our Customer Service Team 24/7 at LiveChat Whatsapp for further checking. Our team will provide a report form for you to fill up and submitted for checking. Once the issue is solved, our team will email you regarding the possible solutions. 

Not a problem!
you can contact us by the follow options and we would love to check if we can get it for you.

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